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Toronto-based composer/musician Sabine Ndalamba is always on a quest to establish the musical heartbeat of a compelling story. An enthusiastic collaborator across mediums, her works continue to find many homes from stage to screen.  Her latest composition for dance premiered September 2022, an original score for “Margarita” in collaboration with Toronto dance company Holla Jazz.

With a palette that fuses elements of jazz harmony, evocative melodies, ambient textures and groovy repetitive structures, her works have traversed a variety of mediums such as film, games, art installations, dance stages and string orchestras.  Sabine brings this same multifaceted sensibility to her work as a performer and improviser. She can most often be found performing on guitar or as a vocalist.

Also a seasoned songwriter, Sabine composes custom song commissions and is currently completing her debut solo record as a singer-songwriter.

Keep up with Sabine’s latest experiments here.

Interview on JAZZFM 91.1

Sabine shares her musical inspirations, process and influences with Heather Bambrick of JAZZFM 91

Sabine Ndalamba in conversation with Heather BambrickJAZZ FM 91.1
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