Video by Nicky Young

In light of current events (ie. COVID-19) I'll be doing a series of live streams at 7:30 pm EST for the next five Thursdays, beginning March 26. Details on "Strum n Stream" can be found here. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

xo Sabine

Upcoming (March 2020)

March 9

Art of Engagement (private event) w/ Aakash Mittal 

Deloitte University, Toronto

March 12

J.S. Presents episode 25 w/Jessica Stuart

TRANZAC, Toronto

March 21

Babel Chorus Spring Concert

Church of the Redeemer, Toronto


March 26

Dante Matas and Sabine Ndalamba

Junction City Music Hall, Toronto


Recent Past


Feb 29       Cameron House w/ Dante Matas, Toronto

Feb 26       Burdock Acoustic Music Fest, Toronto

Feb 22       New Friends // Old Souls w/ Jason Anderson                       (Artery), Toronto

Feb 14       Wavelengths Festival w/Kaia Kater at Longboat                     Hall, Toronto

Jan 26       Winter Wanderings feat. Linaire and Jason                            Anderson at Burdock, Toronto

Dec 13      Private Function, Toronto

Dec 9        Soul Club - Holiday Edition, Toronto 


Dec 1        Kaia Kater at Drake Underground, Toronto

Nov 25     Babel Chorus Season 2 Concert, Toronto                              Conducted by Elaine Choi

Nov 23     Kaia Kater at Blacksheep Inn, Wakefield, QC

Nov 21     Private Function, Toronto

Nov 20     Soul Club: Downtown Sounds, Toronto

                w/Kaili Kinnon and Angela Nethersole

Oct 30      Burdock Music Hall

                w/Century Thief and Sea Beau, Toronto

Oct 10      Search for Meaning: a Night of Song and Stories                    with Jason Anderson, Toronto

Oct 4        The Cork and Bean, Oshawa

Aug 26     Casa Del Popolo, Montreal 

               w/Anna Atkinson & Zoe Guigueno

               feat. Jeff LaRochelle, Julian Anderson-Bowes

Aug 11    Sapori, Toronto

              w/Jeff LaRochelle, Julian Anderson-Bowes

Aug 10    La Rev, Toronto

              w/ Jeff LaRochelle, Eric West, Julian Anderson-Bowes

Aug 3      Kaia Kater -Pelee Island Music Festival, Pelee, ON

July 31      Kaia Kater -Roy Thomson Hall Patio Series, Toronto

July 19      Dreamy Nights and Fading Light, Toronto

June 28     Song n/ Tell: Stories of Summer, Toronto

June 18     To Love Thyself Artery Showcase, Toronto

               w/Jeff LaRochelle

June 8       Bee the Change Festival, Toronto

May 31     The Emmet Ray, Toronto

                w/Tara Kannangara, Jeff LaRochelle, Eric West,                      Julian Anderson-Bowes